The Wayward

The Wayward was founded during The King’s War by Nicolita Maskura, Horacim Magounde, Kron Eldritch, Molen Khon, and Dedred Mustardseed dedicated to undermining The Khard and his conquest for The Cold Iron Crown.

This organization of revolutionaries expanded upon their original intent in the aftermath of that great war, establishing guild halls in major cities upon 3 continents. Though primarily an adventuring guild, their mission statement is obstensively to keep artifacts from falling into the wrong hands and thus repeating a bloody political conflict.

Though largely autonomous, the Wayward operates under the laws of their respective nations.

The organization is based upon meritocracy where leaders or officers are selected on the basis of individual ability and achievement.
Membership is treated much the same way, with an ever-changing list of perspective trials to prove competence and worth. It is mandatory within the guild charter to tithe one share worth of any treasure a contract may yield as well as to report any items of significant power a party may come across.
In exchange for this the guild provides further contract work as well as access to the vast resources at the organization’s disposal through a system of requisition.
Though the tithing of material wealth is managed largely by an honor system it is in a member’s best interest to adhere to guild law lest they be chosen less often to receive contract work.
Freelance work is also available through the guild and is assigned on a case-by-case basis. Often these are situations in which there is trouble the guild may be able to help with but with no clear benefactor to pay for guild sellswords.

The Wayward

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