This portal will be home to an episodic campaign using an E8 system with a rotating cast of characters from ‘The Wayward’ adventuring guild with guildhalls across Skuld.
Please refer to the E.VIII Rules in the Adventure Log.

  • Several pre-made characters can be found here.
  • If you wish to make your own please use the Udalrich’s Pathfinder Character Sheet template.
  • All characters should be made, and cap at Lvl 8.
  • Starting character wealth is 33,000gp. You are allowed to keep up to 3,000gp, the remainder must be spent on equipment or be forfeit.
  • You may only use character options published for the Pathfinder RPG.
  • When created, take the maximum hit points your hit die allows.
  • You will never gain more class features, hit points, skill points, spell progression, or other benefits of leveling. Instead:
  • You will gain one feat per adventure you complete.
  • You will gain a +1 to an ability score for every four adventures completed.
  • Any considerations or options outside the scope of these guidelines must be cleared with the GM beforehand.

Skuld e.VIII